JAM RIOT Music & Art Jam 1.19.19

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JAM RIOT // Music & Art Jam is a collaboration of artists on all spectrums, coming together to create one seamless artistic movement. The largest JAM band in Saigon, 5+ DJs, 4+ Live Rap Shows, Poetry & Freestyle Sessions, Live Art Paintings, Creative Workshops and more.

This event will bringing to you the rarest forms of Hip-Hop, Soul, R&B, Deep House, Crunk, Rock, Reggae, and Jungle/Psytrance, that’s infrequently allowed to be performed in Saigon. An event that will shock your barriers to their core cause this is not just an ordinary jam, it’s a JAM RIOT!

Start: January 1, 2019 Finish: January 18, 2019

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