Our First Client From Moscow, Russia

We are super stoked to have our first client from Russia. I have to admit it was a bit of a challenge to build a website completely in the Russian language being a native English speaker. But thanks to new technologies and our strong team in Russia we were able to produce a functional and more modern website for Dao Ceramics.

Mr. Dao is a Vietnamese artist, actor, farmer, husband and father of 3 girls. He traveled to Moscow, Russia to attend college during the re-building eras following the Vietnam/American war. During that time is when he met his wife. Mr. Dao since his youth has hand crafted various art pieces and continues to do so today. His pieces have become so popular that it was absolutely necessary to upgrade his website and allow his customers to place orders online. That’s where we came in.

It has been a honor to be apart of this process, here is the design we developed for Mr. Dao. By his request he desired a simple design with a straight-forward shopping approach. We designed his website and logo with just that feel.


Dao Ceramic’s Logo

Mr. Dao’s Previous Website

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