Benaras Indian Restaurant

Marketing 360: Food Photography & Brand Marketing Designs

We know that restaurant owners and general managers are probably some of the busiest people in the world. If we think about it, it makes sense. Popular restaurants are serving hundreds of people on a daily basis but most of your time is spent behind the scenes making sure that the business is operating smoothly. The marketing 360 program is designed just for you. Our professional photographers will come every week and take the best photos of your most appetizing meals and our marketing team will do the rest.

Schedule Your Free Photography Session

We understand that you have a very busy schedule and we’ll work around it. Let us know the date & time that works best for us to send a photographer to your business and we’ll make it happen. We will arrive and produce 5 professional photos absolutely free. This will give you a chance to see our results. Sign up for the Marketing 360 service if you want to continue and if you don’t that’s cool as well.

One of Our Photographers Will Go To Your Restaurant/Business

Now that you booked your spot, one of our photographers will arrive at your restaurant/business at the scheduled time. During this time we will discuss the types of pictures, setup and a few other things that’ll make your photos the best. Your photographer will take those pictures, professionally edit them and send them to you and our marketing team to use on your website and social media pages to attract more customers combined with your current marketing campaigns.

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Repeat Regularly Every Week

We know the struggle of staying relevant online with high quality photos that will attract customers consistently and representing your brand well. Our goal is to take that worry away from you. With the Marketing 360 Plan you’ll get our photographers shooting new pictures of your restaurant or business every week (or whatever frequency we determine is best for your specific marketing needs). Each session will produce 20-30 high quality edited photos for you. This will allow you to stay consistent and relevant online with our Marketing Team posting to your social media pages on a regular basis, ideally 3-5 marketing actions per week. You, can sit back, relax and allow us to do all of the marketing work for you. Watch your social media engagement skyrocket and more customers walk in through your doors.

Schedule A Meeting With Us and Your Free Photography Session

Photography sessions can be arranged once or twice a week to get the best content possible for your social media marketing campaigns.