Business Success Story: Benaras Indian Restaurant

We took Benaras Indian Restaurant away from unattractive food pics that were taken with just an ordinary cell phone to appetizing high-quality food photography of their delicious entrees and appetizers.

Though with good intentions, they used those cell phone pics to get the word out around town about their NEW restaurant but were only getting 1-3 likes on these photos, with very little engagement and subsequent empty tables and chairs on a Friday night. We came in, produced professional mouth-watering food photography photos that (really) expressed how amazing the food is (also my favorite in town)!

Click the link to check out some of the appetizing food photography photos taken for Benaras:

Benaras Food Photography Session

We determined to convey how relaxing the atmosphere is, how hospitable everyone is from the wait staff to the owner, they all make you feel like you’re at home, which is their motto, to ‘treat their guests like God’. Amazing right?

The results have been increased engagement on their social media channels, increased likes on their posts, comments with people sharing with friends and family, table reservations and increased sales by over 30%.

When we first started building the marketing plan for Benaras we immediately noticed that although they had a website built by another agency, that they were nowhere to be found on Google when we searched for “Indian Food Restaurant”. That was outrageous. So we got them to the top of Google search for their most popular search keywords by residents and tourists, searching ‘restaurants near me’ or related search terms. They’re located in a high tourist area throughout the year, including being just two blocks away from Sheraton and Caravelle. We took all of that into consideration to build a strategic plan for their business marketing success plan.

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